VPSserver.com: an Ynvolve case study

VPSServer.com, a VPS hosting company based in Gibraltar, offers its customers the best and fastest NVMe VPS with the best I/O performance in 16 locations worldwide.

VPSServer.com contacted Ynvolve in 2016 with a request for help in developing a cost-effective
infrastructure solution to launch their platform. VPSServer.com had the ambition to offer low-cost high-performance VPS services around the world.

They sought Ynvolve’s expertise in the brainstorming phase of this project to help them find a
cost-effective solution that matched their technical requirements. Ynvolve presented them with a proposal for a long-term financial strategy that included the leasing of equipment and a buyback plan with competitive residual value.

The first location opened successfully in Miami. Soon after, VPS wanted to expand to 5 locations in Europe and North America. Our team sat down with them and presented a redesigned proposal that included an all-in-one box solution, which fit their new budget while still complying with all of their
technical requirements.

These newly configured all-in-one boxes were quickly shipped to the new locations for their
profitability to be assessed. If the location reached full capacity, the box would be upgraded to a half rack, and then sent to one of the locations of the third rollout.

Locations: Chicago, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, New York and London.

Fast forward to 2021, VPSServer.com is operating in 16 locations and 6 of them have upgraded to half or full racks. Ynvolve collaborated with VPSServer.com for all these locations and assisted with the
relocation of the servers across the globe.

Cities in scope: Amsterdam, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto.

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