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IT infrastructure is at the heart of your business. IT represents an enormous financial investment and often houses critical and sensitive data. So, when you decide to move your data center or office IT infrastructure, you need to call in professionals with a proven track record, global reach, and dedicated transport partners.

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Our certified engineers and project managers work alongside your IT staff. We conduct an extensive audit of pre-requisites, budget, and time constraints to understand every requirement of your infrastructure move and create detailed project plans. Our engineers then facilitate remote and physical access and enhance your existing infrastructure with upgrades and improvements while the move is in progress.

From human resources and partner-led logistics, to risk mitigation strategies and performance monitoring, we help you save both time and budget on your IT infrastructure moves.

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On-site IT support: an Ynvolve case study

on-site IT support

Hear about a global leader in nutrition that offers their customers industry-leading meal replacement shakes and dietary supplements to help them reach their health goals.

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Případová studie společnosti Ynvolve na vyřazení produktů IT z provozu.

professional services

Hear about a financial service provider that offers its customers products and services from insurance and pensions to financial advice.

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IT hands on site

Hear about a global cybersecurity consultancy firm that specializes in preventing and combating data breaches and cyber-attacks for organizations.

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