IT hands on site: an Ynvolve case study

A global cybersecurity consultancy firm headquartered in California specializes in preventing and combating data breaches and cyber-attacks for organizations. Their team provides remote and on-site forensic, technical, and legal solutions for their clients around the world.

SCOPE: Deployment of 40 engineers in seventeen different locations across seven countries to assist with the rebuilding of their client’s IT environment.

Countries in scope: China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland

With over 12 years of experience and offices across North America and Europe, this leader in the cybersecurity industry contacted Ynvolve for IT hands on-site across 17 locations.

Their goal was to find a partner that could provide a reactive team of IT hands on site across the globe with the indispensable level of expertise to rebuild their client’s IT environment after a ransomware attack. The project was a welcomed challenge for the team as they specialize in projects that have tight time constraints and require a high level of privacy.

The set-up process was fast, efficient, and hassle-free for the client. Our project management team drafted a strategy and deployed the local engineers to each location within a day of the request.

The team established a 24/7 communication bridge between our client and our engineers to improve efficiency and mitigate potential delays. Additionally, at the end of each workday, our team presented the client with a detailed report of all the costs incurred and of the progress for each site.

We completed the whole project in 16 days. Throughout the project, our engineers and project managers logged in a total of 1600 hours.

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